Picnic at the Park

Fundraiser. June 18, 2022.

Thank you Sponsors for your generous support. Thank you gift basket donors for your fabulous items. Thank you to everyone who came out to buy BBQ and bid on gift baskets. Through your support, we raised over $3,000. These funds will go towards continuing free classes that improve our community.

Through the generous time and effort of our volunteers, DLC is offering a 9-week Beginning Spanish course. We have a volunteer who wants to help DLC raise funds this summer to support our other continuously free courses, including English reading and writing and Civics tutoring. Join us and invite your friends! This is a great value for an in-demand language in our area! ¡Ahí nos vemos! *Please note all of our other offered services continue to be free.

Dogwood Literacy Council is happy to announce that Siloam Springs, Arkansas La-Z-Boy has donated to our organization! With this donation we can continue to keep our doors open to the community. Here at Dogwood Literacy Council, we offer free literacy tutoring ranging from English classes to Civics. From Left to Right, we have Audra Farrell (HR Manager) Don Austin (CI Manager), Rick Wilmoth (Controller), Daren Davison (General Manager), Paul Dilbeck (Quality Manager), Mike Wilmon (Production Manager), Charlie Muessemeyer (Executive Director of DLC).

We recently held our yearly celebration to thank our tutors who put so much effort into our students this year. In remembrance and deep appreciation for our tutors, we unveiled a couple of bricks laid in front of our doors with the names of two former tutors who volunteered here at DLC for years and years. Alma Marquez provided a taco bar with authentic tacos from Mexico. We appreciate all that the people in this community do to give their time and effort to others. Thank you all, and thank you Lucy and Annie for all these years.